Case Study: Jake’s Journey with Monolith
After years of telling other businesses’ stories online, he wanted to tell his. Jake, along with his wife, created Rheos Gear, a brand that sells outdoor gear for
explorers. Their first product line, the Rheos Gear Floating Sunglasses, sold out in less than 60 days.
He got traction from influencer marketing & social media, and he wanted to explore if he can make Google Ads work. He ran a few ads before meeting with Monolith but the channel operated with negative profit margins.
How Monolith Reduced Rheos Gear’s Cost per Sale by 58% in Google Ads
Monolith developed a four-prong approach to reduce cost per sale:
1. Bid on Competition Keywords
2. Bid on Long Tail Category Keywords
3. Cut low clickthrough rate Keywords
4. Restructured the Google Ads account using the SKAG structureSKAG structure
Bidding on competition keywords allowed us to be in the “consideration set” of potential customers as they shop around. Rheos Gear at that time didn’t have strong brand awareness, so piggybacking onto larger brands’ organic search was a viable strategy.
Long tail keywords mean keywords that have purchase intent in them.
A keyword that states “polarized sunglasses” doesn’t have as much of a purchase intent as “blue polarized sunglasses”. The latter suggests that the searcher has a strong idea of what they want; but the former is still in the exploratory phase.
Low clickthrough rates imply that the ad creative doesn’t work well. “Low Clickthrough Rate” is defined as less than 2% as that number is the industry standard. Whenever that happened, we either cut the ad completely or revised it into something else.
And lastly, The SKAG structure, or the “Single Keyword Ad Group” structure, without going into grimy Google Ads technicalities, is designed to reduce wasted spend on your ad account.
These efforts led to a significant reduction in cost per sale in 1 month’s time:
Business Results for Both Brands
Cost per Sale Reduction of up to 58%
Enabled Positive ROAS Google Ads (From Negative Before)
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“Wonderful experience. From the outset [Monolith] set a thoughtful plan in place and in rare form executed on that plan. I have worked with
many agencies, freelancers, and in-house team members over the years and the ability for Kenn to work proficiently, demonstrate results,
and communicate he and his team’s effort in a remote work relationship. Highly recommended.”
Jake, Owner – Rheos Gear