Case Study: David’s Journey with Monolith
David owns two ecommerce stores: Beard Head and Zoo Snoods. Beard Head is a Shark Tank featured business that’s the first ever bearded headwear brand in the world with hundreds of 5 star reviews in Amazon. Zoo Snoods is an equally loved animal headwear brand for pet lovers.
Both brands are fun and whimsical and was meant for absolutely fun times during gift-giving and costume parties.
This presents an interesting challenge: not only did we have to grow revenue and ROI, but we also needed to do so in a way that enhances the brand.
Any agency wouldn’t have experience handling a highly experiential product so we had the challenge of developing a robust process that allows us to adapt and craft ad copy and imagery that meets the brand’s standards.
How Monolith Built a Full Marketing Machine that Improved Beard Head and Zoo Snoods’ Conversion Rates and ROI
After the initial diagnostic call, Monolith built a 43-slide marketing audit that charts out the path to getting quality traffic in Facebook Ads & Google AdWords, getting higher conversion rates by using sales-oriented design and copy and email sequences.
Here’s a sample of what we’ve done for them:
For Facebook Ads, we structured it in a way that showed that there’s a different and relevant ad for each stage of the customer journey: awareness (cold traffic), consideration (warm traffic), and purchase (hot traffic).
For email marketing, we made sure that we maximize the probability to convert someone from stranger to customer through regular email communication, all personalized depending on the stage of the customer journey.
That said, before any dollars were invested, Monolith gave a lot of thought and care to create a strong working relationship with David.
How we Managed the Brand Messaging and Developed the right Look & Feel
The difficulty level of brands like Beard Head and Zoo Snoods is much higher. Unlike most brands that rely on pain points and customer needs, these brand relied on identity, humor, and fun to create relevance for the customer.

The way Monolith did it was through customer immersion. We identified the key phrases customers used in Amazon, the jokes and images they share in online forums, and instagram captions from similar brands.

Deep customer immersion is something no other agency does and this allows us to make sales-oriented yet on-brand creatives such as these (we did both copy and design):

Business Results for Both Brands
Exceeded Sales and ROI Targets
2.1x-2.8x Improvement in Conversion Rate
2x Returning Customer Rate
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“The ad management, funnel creation, email campaigns, etc… were all set-up and managed
very effectively and with minimal oversight required by me. Website issues were fixed
promptly, and required little to no explanation on my part.”
“I could feel confident in [Monolith’s] capability to handle whatever it is that needed to be done.
I didn’t have to micromanage. I didn’t have to double check. I didn’t have to question why
something was being done, or if it was being done well. I could trust [Monolith].”
David, Owner – Beard Head and Zoo Snoods.