Proprietary Logistics
Automation Software (Philippines Only)

Our logistics automation software hooks up Shopify stores with their logistics platform of choice (QuadX, Fleet) to enable rapid scale yet maintain high customer service and ship-on-time levels.

What Holds Ecommerce Stores Back from Rapid Scale isn’t just Marketing - it’s also Order Management

In the past few years, we’ve noticed many of our scaling clients bumping into a growth ceiling - while their sales are going up, their complaints also increase. It’s either their goods don’t get shipped on time or the order information is wrong. The cause of this is that old systems no longer work for the scale that they want, and the order management team is overwhelmed.

Scale Faster with Logistics Automation

For Shopify ecommerce stores, we’ve built logistics automation platforms that import the right customer data, the right delivery date, the right personalized message, and the right items and immediately pass on that data to the logistics provider. In the Philippines, we’ve worked with platforms such as QuadX (LBC) and Fleet PH and their technologies to enable clients to deliver gold standard reliability to their customers that inspires brand trust and loyalty.

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