Lead Generation for Service Businesses

With a focus on driving high quality leads that lead to meetings and closed deals, we've built webinar funnels, ebook funnels, and CRM integration for our service clients to automate their marketing at a cost per lead that's profitable.

Instagram & Linkedin aren’t the only answers to get qualified leads

What we’ve noticed from many businesses is that they rely on Instagram (B2C) and Linkedin (B2B) to get qualified leads. Most likely it’s an issue of the targeting that you’ve used (i.e. “are you targeting a targeted enough market?”) or an issue of the content that you provide (i.e. “are you asking for the sale immediately or are you nurturing and educating them first?”). We’ve developed three B2B-specific funnels that not only generate qualified leads, but also grow them at scale.

We’ve Been Building 3 Proven Lead Generation Funnels to Drive Qualified Leads for our Clients

We have tested and qualified 3 models: 1) webinar funnels (i.e. ads to live webinars then meetings), 2) ebook funnels (i.e. ads to ebook downloads then meetings), and 3) linkedin outreach funnels (i.e targeted & personalized DMs to meetings). In general, the smaller the organization, the more webinars & ebooks worse where as for larger businesses, linkedin outreach tends to work better. Let’s have a chat to see how we can scale qualified leads for your organization.

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