Custom Digital Marketing Dashboards

With the use of Google BigQuery, Google Data Studio, and our internally built API wrappers for the Shopify API, Facebook API, Google API, and more, we've integrated data from multiple sources into a real-time dashboard so marketing leaders always have their finger on the pulse of their campaigns.

You Don’t Want to Waste Time Opening 5+ Windows, Only to Get Lost in the Data

For businesses with ad budgets of $30,000 per month or more, they’ve started to diversify their ad channels, covering Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Retargeting Platforms (AdRoll, Perfect Audience), and maybe even Pinterest and TikTok. There gets to a point where get lost with attribution problems as all of these channels have their own way of crediting themselves. And let us be upfront - some channels are definitely over-crediting themselves.

Our Approach Modifies Everyone’s Attribution Models and Puts it All in 1 Dashboard

Our philosophy is simple - we don’t confuse with “black box” statistical approaches. Instead, our system adjusts attribution models based on whether there’s correlation in the channel spend and total revenue. Example: have you added Pinterest Spend and it increased revenue? Then apply more credit on that channel (a more liberal attribution model, like 28-day click). Not so much for Facebook? Then apply less credit on that model (a more conservative attribution model, like 7-day click). At Monolith, we enable marketing leaders to make clear decisions with practical yet logical recommendations, not with fuzzy statistical explanations.

Let's chat about how to integrate the Facebook API, Shopify API, Google API, Snapchat API, and more into 1 real-time custom dashboard.

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